Italian speakers argue about his large anus and her tight one, in passionate anal discourse.

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Italian speakers argue about his large anus and her tight one, in passionate anal discourse. [14:27]

Warning: This post is for adults only and contains explicit content.eros-emcoord-RTC-debug: warning: implicitly-declared function ‘h2’ is defined, but its declaration is missing or incomplete

Salut Strong Cock Lovers!
Today I’m here to share a steamy, passionate story about anal sex between two Italians, where the man’s big dick whirls the woman’s tight ass. So, if you’re into homemade amateur anal porn, grab a cold beer or glass of wine and join me on this sexy adventure.

Passionate Dialogs:

once upon a time, in the land of the sun-kissed people, lived a curvy, voluptuous Italian beauty named Isabella. Her hourglass figure boasted large, luscious breasts and a fat ass, which she took great pride in. Meanwhile, there was a strapping, virile stud named Marco, known around their small town for his big ass anal capabilities. One fateful night, as fate would have it, Marco and Isabella crossed paths at a quaint little trattoria, where the smell of garlic and tomatoes in the air ignited a spark of attraction between them.
Over a plate of pasta and a glass of Chianti, Marco stole a glance at Isabella’s luscious derriere and blurted out, “Hai il cazzo grosso e io il culo stretto?” – “Don’t you have a big dick, and I have a tight ass?” Isabella, delighted by his forwardness, replied with a devious smile, “Si, Marco, ma vorrei provare cum inside me e cum in ass con te!” – “Yes, Marco, but I want to try cumming from both ends with you!”

The Anal Experience:

As they retired to a dimly lit bedroom, the sensual chemistry between them grew stronger. Isabella seductively undressed, revealing her rounded curves in all their splendor. Marco, captivated by her sexiness, could barely contain himself as he greedily took in her body, caressing her fat ass and ample breasts. The anticipation was electric as they engaged in passionate, loving foreplay, kissing every inch of each other’s skin.
Marco, with a looming erection, carefully positioned himself behind Isabella. She cooed at the feel of his big dick against her, whispering, “Sì, Marco, fa’ quello che vuoi!” – “Yes, Marco, do what you want!” Marko tenderly applied some lubricant to Isabella’s anus, massaging and circling her tight bum hole. Isabella moaned with pleasure as she felt him gently teasing her anal entrance. Once she was ready, Marco slowly, gently penetrated, filling her up with his massive size. Isabella’s body quivered with delight as waves of uncontrollable ecstasy washed over her. Marco’s big dick hit all the right spots and Isabella’s whole body seemed to vibrate with their connected pleasurable sensations. They groaned together, exchanging passionate kisses and lustful whispers. As they reached their climax, they could feel their intense orgasms mingling, creating a heavenly fusion of pleasure that left them both breathless, satiated, and longing for more.

Fellow cock-loving voyeurs, I hope you enjoyed the tale of passionate anal sex between Marco and Isabella as much as they did. Remember to indulge in your lustful fantasies, and always bring a touch of encounter and lovemaking to your anal explorations. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments for this newly discovered coppia italiana!


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