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Then she led her sister up the stairs and became mad that Mark was in the shower. She banged on the door and took Grace into their room, where she laid her sister out and started licking her flower bud, teasing it between her teeth and a flick of the tongue. She slid a finger between her cheeks and teased her rim with it. Grace moaned and pressed her tight hole against her sister’s finger. She really wanted to be fucked but Heather was obsessed with her pussy. She sucked on her clit and popped a finger in her asshole which brought out a gasp out of her shy sister.
Grace was grinding into Heather’s face as Mark called out to them. She had to bite her arm to stop her moan as she squirted on her sister’s face. Heather lapped up her juices as Grace rode out her orgasm and she felt better.

Once she had stopped squirming Heather led her little sister to the shower. The hall was empty and Mark’s room was closed and quiet. He must have left for school after he finished showering.

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Added on: January 16, 2021