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Amber came closer and put her hands on his knees. They were warm and when she gently squeezed, Tim tensed, and she looked into his eyes. “What about you, couldn’t we, like, have a bit of fun? Marie won’t find out. I get to get rid of my curiosity and you get to fuck a hot girl escorte studente amatoare de distracție . It’s a win-win for everyone.”

While she spoke, she had moved even closer media , close enough so that when she slid her hand up his thighs, they reached his hips and her thumbs began to slowly move down towards his groin. Tim stared in mixed horror and pleasure how his cock worked silato itself out from between his thighs and sprung up like a bonzo soldier at attention.

“Oh my, look what I did,” said Amber and giggled maxbiz . She looked at the dick from the sides and then poked it with her index seo blog finger. “Shit, it’s darn hard.”

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